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Howe Lab

Welcome to our web site!

The group’s interests lie mostly in the biology of photosynthesis, ranging widely from its exploitation for renewable energy production to developing new tools for studying what happens in coral bleaching. We also have a project applying principles of molecular evolution to non-biological systems.

Our lab is in the University of Cambridge’s Biochemistry Department ‘Hopkins’ Building (named after Frederick Gowland Hopkins, the first Professor of Biochemistry here) in the centre of Cambridge. The lab space was refurbished some years ago, and Fred Sanger performed an opening ceremony for us. Our work has been very much influenced by Prof John Gray (Chris Howe’s PhD supervisor many years ago) and Dr Derek Bendall (a long-term collaborator in the Biochemistry Department). We are funded from a range of sources, including UK Government funding, charities, and industry.

Figure 1: Fred Sanger ceremonially cuts a strip of autoclave tape, to declare refurbished lab space open.